Whether it is to explore new places, move your boat for maintenance or simply keep her on the drive way at home, the ability to trail your Drascombe with confidence is paramount.

The bespoke swinging cradle trailers make launching and recovery a simple operation and extend the possibility for solo adventures.

All the trailers are EU compliant so travelling abroad becomes a real option.

Here at Churchouse Boats Ltd we can set up your trailer and and offer any advice you may require.

Each trailer comes complete with tie down points, new style lighting boards, side lights and reflectors where just need to supply the number plate.

Launching and recovery

To see the ease with which a Drascombe can be launched  click here  or recovered click here


Dabber Swinging Cradle

Lugger Swinging Cradle

Longboat Swinging Cradle

Coaster Swinging Cradle

Gig Swinging Cradle

D22 Swinging Cradle


Bow - £25.78 inc VAT and Postage

Primary - £54.53 inc VAT and Postage

- £1,900.00 inc VAT

- £1,950.00 inc VAT

- £2,950.00 inc VAT

- £2,950.00 inc VAT

- £5,000.00 inc VAT

- £5,000.00 inc VAT

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