Drascombe Dabber

The Dabber is the smallest boat in the Drascombe range. At 4.72 m (15' 6") in length,it is small enough to fit in the family garage but is still big on performance.


The split-rig Dabber offers 118 sq.ft. of sail in the traditional yawl rig  of the Drascombe range, offering flexibility  of sail plan. Should the wind drop, a small outboard is quite adequate to propel her briskly along, or she can easily be rowed from two positions.


With plenty of stowage space and easy handling the Dabber makes a great little family boat, easily trailed, and quickly rigged.

Her design is derived from traditional clinker built boats, from which the Dabber gains her seaworthiness, easy rowing and excellent shallow water capabilities, for which she is fitted with a handcrafted marine ply drop plate rudder.

The yawl rig has a standing lug mainsail, with a jib set flying with a bowsprit and a mizzen sail mounted on the transom with a bumpkin. Both are easily removed for mooring.

Sail away price from £16,500
inc VAT


Overall length


Waterline length




Draft (c/plate up)


Draft (C/plate down) 

Sailing weight

Towing weight

Jib sail area

Main sail area

Mizzen sail area

Total sail area

Recommended outboard (hp)

4.72m           (15' 6")


4.14m          (13'7")

1.78m           (5'10")

0.2m            (0'8")

0.91m           (3'0") 

265kg           (585lb)

500kg          (1100lb)

1.95 sq.m     (21 sq.ft)

7.71 sq.m      (83 sq.ft)

1.3 sq.m       (14 sq.ft)

10,96 sq.m   (118 sq.ft)

2 - 3.5 hp  (Standard shaft)

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