Drascombe Gig

The Drascombe Gig is the largest boat in the Drascombe range, originally designed for use as a naval sail training vessel. Sea cadets, colleges and naval training establishments all train crews in the Drascombe Gig.

There is room for a crew of twelve and reefing points are included on the jib as well as the main. There is ballast ensuring the boat is stable for a lighter crew.

As with the whole range the Gig can easily be sailed, rowed or motored using an outboard. A Yamaha 8 hp is the preferred manufacturer due to engine dimensions.

The galvanized centre plate is totally enclosed and the floorboards are designed in removable sections.

Two of our Drascombe Gigs, Achilles and Ajax were part of the Royal Jubilee Flotilla in 2012.

Sail away price from £30,750 inc VAT


Overall length


Waterline length




Draft (c/plate up)


Draft (C/plate down) 

Sailing weight

Towing weight

Jib sail area

Main sail area

Mizzen sail area

Total sail area

Recommended outboard (hp)

7.62m         (25'0")

6.24m         (20'6")

2.13m          (7'0")

0.46m         (1'6")

1.56m          (5'1") 

900kg         (1985lb)

1540kg        (3400lb)

4.93 sq.m    (53 sq.ft)

16.75 sq.m  (180 sq.ft)

2.04 sq.m   (22 sq.ft)

23.72 sq.m  (255 sq.ft)

8 hp   (Long shaft)

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