A quiet reliable outboard engine is a wonderful addition to your boat. It is not just the convenience of being able to push against the current, or simply to extend your cruiisng range - it add another dinension to the use of your boat. Fishing, picnics and greater accessiblity to creeks and rivers where sailing may not be an option. Even the smallest of the Drascombe range, the Dabber will benefit.


Modern engines are quiet and reliable and also provide reassurance and additional safety.

Most of the Drascombe range, with the exception of the Dabber and the D22 require long shaft versions of engines.

These days there are many variations of propellor and drive available - for the best option for your boat and the waters you normally expect to sail in contact us at CBL to discuss the most appropriate option

Electric Outboards

If quiet is your goal, look no further than our range of electric outboards than we now offer as a suitable alternative, in some circumstances.

Our partnership with Epropulsion allows us to offer the latest in sustainable propulsion for your Drascombe.

We would advise against this technology if you cruise coastal waters, with tides and currents that mean the amount of power and the duration of its use is not determinate.

However, in rivers, lakes where the currents are less and cruising time is a known factor these provide an ideal alternative. For details please contact Sharon using the link Epropulsion

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