Drascombe Drifter D22

Introduced in 2006 the Drascombe Drifter 22 is a relatively new addition to the fleet. Retaining the distinctive yawl rig the Drifter has developed John Watkinson's original design incorporating many features creating the ideal trailer sailor.

The D22 has twin drop keels, concealed in the locker design which allows a very large double berth cabin accommodation. Together with a lifting rudder the D22 is able to explore shallow water creeks and estuaries, whilst being very stiff and stable in a strong breeze.

The ideal engine range is 8 - 9 hp.

The large cabin provides cooking and toilet facilities and optional extras included a fridge and hot shower.

With a sprayhood and optional tent the D22 is capable of extended cruising.

The shallow draft allows easy recovery and launching by a single person, using our swinging trailer design.

Sail away price from £43,000 inc VAT


Overall length


Waterline length




Draft (c/plate up)


Draft (C/plate down) 

Sailing weight

Towing weight

Jib sail area

Main sail area

Mizzen sail area

Total sail area

Recommended outboard (hp)

6.7m             (22' 0")

5.88m           (19.3")

2.25m           (7'3")

0.4m             (1'4")

1.05m           (3'5") 

1200kg        (2650lb)

1800kg         (3970lb)

6.87 sq.m     (74 sq.ft)

12.57 sq.m    (135 sq.ft)

2.32 sq.m     (25 sq.ft)


21.76 sq.m     (234 sq.ft)

8 - 9 hp  (Standard shaft)

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