Cockpit Tents

A full camping tent is available for the open boats. It encloses the whole of the cockpit & is supported on a set of bendy poles (these are NOT included in the price). It has a collar that laces around the mast, sleeves for the poles & an opening back panel with Velcro closures.

On pre 1997 boats, the back end ties down to the sheethorse tube. On later boats with the mainsheet track, four deck eyes are also required

The tent is made in either PVC or Weathermax & comes in a choice of colours.

For PVC, they are:

  • White

  • Oyster

  • Burgundy

  • Royal blue

For Weathermax 80, they are:

  • White

  • Navy blue

  • Forest Green

  • Burgundy is available for a £75 surcharge

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