Drascombe Lugger 

- built 2016

Built in 2016, she has had two sailing seasons use, and is ready to go

With a 10 inch draft, the Lugger is ideal for beaching, as well as creek crawling.

Ideal for families,more if you want those quiet moments sailing on your own.


One thing I can guarantee, you will take longer to launch than normal, due to being complimented on such a beautiful boat, and knowing she is yours, makes it more worth while. 

Moana comes with a comprehensive spec - 

White hull, grey deck with green topland 
Swinging cradle trailer EU compliant 
Data tag on the trailer 
Mariner engine, with remote fuel tank
Extra flying jib, completely set up, and easy to remove 
Spray hood 
Cockpit cover 
Auto pilot 
Lockable side lockers 
Pair of 8ft 6 oars 
Rowing thwart 
Mast in tabernacle 
Mast crutch 
Barton Victorian wooden blocks 

When new, this boat cost over £23,000

Priced at £16,500

For a video of the boat click here

Price £16,500

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Drascombe by Churchouse Boats Ltd