Rigging, Sails and Spars

Sails and Rigging

We have worked with an excellent sailmaker to produce a range of Drascombe sails under the Drascombe by Churchouse Boats logo that are as fine as any available anywhere in the world.

Standard patterns are held on our database for all the boats so, with limited dialogue between us, you can be certain of receiving the correct sails for your boat. They will be made of the best quality materials & with the finest skill and care. They will set well, look great & be extremely durable.

If you want to take the opportunity to deviate from the standard rig, we can either accommodate your particular requirements or help you with ideas from our growing font of knowledge. This includes:

  • Roached mainsails

  • Bowsprits & extra headsails

  • Cruising chutes

  • Larger mizzens of various format

  • Gaff mainsails

Rigging and Spars

All rigging spares can be obtained from us, we do our own rigging in house.

If you require a new mast, we can fit your exisitng mast band and shrouds to the new one, or replace with new if required.

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