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Drascombe by Churchouse Boats Ltd

Brokerage At Churchouse Boats

We are pleased to announce the expansion of our brokerage division, whilst we specialise in Drascombes we have expanded to include traditionally based trailer sailers. We hold a limited amount of stock at our premises at the Old Dairy, with other boats being held on remote brokerage.  Good boats don't hand around for long and if we don't have anything on the books we may well have an idea of boats that may be becoming available in the near future.

The catalogue below is indicatory of our stock but please phone for up to the minute details. Alternatively click here to let us know what you are looking for as we often know of boats coming onto the market that haven't yet been put up for sale

If you are thinking of selling your boat we'd be pleased to talk to you, offer a valuation and advice regarding any refurbishment that may be required.

No 225 - Built 1991 - Price £9,950
Drascombe Coaster
No 100 - Built 1980- Price £5,500
Drascombe Coaster
No 059 - Built 2011- Price £19,500
Drascombe Coaster
 Built 2005- Price £7,500
Drascombe Lugger
2019-08-03 17.24.09.jpg
No 025 - Built 2005- Price £16,500
Drascombe Coaster
No 085 - Built 2016- Price £16,500
Drascombe Lugger 
No 001 - Built 20031 - Price £6,750
Drascombe Dabber
Mk 2  - Price £3,750
Drascombe Lugger 
A unique boat  - Price £7,990
Drascombe Henley
Built 2005 - Price £5,995
Devon Scaffie - built by Honnor Marine - Rochdale
No 658 - Built 1981- Price £4,450
Drascombe Dabber